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How Solar Net Meter Works

Net metering is a system works for rooftop solar PV system. Where electricity is generated by solar photovoltaic panels and used directly for appliances in premises and unused electricity can be fed back to local electricity grid by using bi-directional meter. Net metering allows consumers to generate electricity of their own, Export extra for banking in grid and import back when Required.

This provision works on automatic process by meters. After tally of Export and Import Consumesr are charged only for net usage. Hence the provision is called Net metering System.

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Special Solar EV Charging Port

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Solar PV system generates different amount of electricity in different types of geographical regions

We provide extensive study reports based on the study of various geographical factors. Such factors includes sun irradiation study, longitude, seasonal effects, Dust sampling, shadow analysis, and delivery losses before final output.

Hence we provide following Solar PV services

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Greener Tomorrow for Everyone

Our projects till date have saved a lot of value for our clients. It can be acknowledged in many different ways. Presenting few easy to understand

Equivalent to

  • CO2 reduction upto7,03,678 Kg reduced
  • 700 metric tons of carbon less produced
  • 1,15,060 televisions powered for free.


135 +

Projects Completed

100 +

People employed

5000 +

People Benefitted Directly

1000 +

Homes Turned Fully or Partially Renewable

Our Projects

Our projects are sorted on the basis of tariff and consumer type is identified by their nature of consumption.
Broadly we have 3 Types of projects which includes Residesial, commercial and industrial.

Because the of variable tariff plans the monitory benefits and returns of investment on solar projects are calculated variably.
Usually slowest brake even Is achieved in  50 months while fastest brake even by solar project is achieved in 28 months


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We are proud to offer top range of comprehensive solar energy services such as install and manage solar panels and wind farm,
and solar technologies.